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VDLPOWEREU Electric Car Charger


100W /20V Portable Solar Panel


200W Foldable Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Power Up Power Green

Power Up Power Green


    I compared this VDLPOWER product with a known standard panel and overall it performed a bit better. When the other panel would get 60 watts, this one would generate around 70 watts.Construction seems reasonable, but a bit lighter than the popular brand that I was comparing it to.This unit had some nice features, such as an adjustable kickstand and grommets that allow you to hang the unit from a structure (such as the side of a van).
    Mike K
    This thing can take the place of many things, if you have a rechargeable camp light this guy can run it for days, it can charge your phone many times, it can power your laptop or tablet for hours or longer. It is just near irreplaceable in an emergency situation so I would recommend that anyone who can afford it, get one of  VDLPOWER power station. You never know when that tornado/snowstorm/hurricane is going to leave you with no power for days/weeks so this is a great investment.
    Douglas C. Meeks
    VDLPOWER the workmanship is very high quality and the material is extremely robust. On the back, the panel is covered with a chic fabric. It can be folded in the middle for transport or storage. There are cutouts on the sides so that the panel can be transported well, very practical! From a technical point of view, the solar panel works perfectly. Overall,  The workmanship and materials used are well chosen. It is suitable as an extension for a balcony power plant and because of the design also good for on the road, for example when camping. So I can recommend the product.
    D. Ortl
    VDLPOWER power station so far has worked great .  The options this power station has is a great value for the money.
    VDLPOWER is very well built and it's worth the price with it's features rivaling many competitors.
    My dad really likes machine, it is really helpful when he goes out for fishing. The machine can help him to keep the fishing lights for whole night. VDLPOWER charges really fast. The blue and black color looks really cool and pretty.

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